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Jump on in! The water is fine. No one wants to dive into a pool without knowing the temperature of the water, right? We understand that you likely have questions about our services, so we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that isn’t on this list, don’t be discouraged, you can still contact us and get answers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What name servers do you operate?

If we are controlling or managing your DNS records. You will want to point your domain name(s) to our domain name servers:

  • auth10.encept.com
  • auth11.encept.com
  • auth12.encept.com
  • auth13.encept.com
  • auth14.encept.com
  • auth15.encept.com

How do you allocate resources and cpu share?

First, we limit the number of virtual private servers placed on each host server. Additionally, we only use 80% of available server resources for virtual private servers. This extra 20% gives us a nice buffer to protect from over-use of any CPU shares, memory bursting or system overhead allocation.

We give each VPS equal share to CPU resources with the capability to burst and utilize up to 80% of the available system resources. Essentially, you’re given an allocated that you will always have available, if needed. If you or your fellow VPS users sharing a node with you are idle, those resources can be used by another VPS, but immediately handed back to you when you need them. All this happens within nanoseconds and you won’t notice it even occurring.

What can I do with my VPS?

Reading through a list of every possibility you have with your own Virtual Private Server would take ages. Not to mention, none of us want to write it out. So, its probably easier to tell you what you cannot do with your virtual private server:

  • nothing illegal
  • nothing that interferes with other customers and their services
  • scan other networks from your server
  • anything that could, would, or should decrease the health and welfare of our network

Just in case, we have a nifty document our lawyers whipped up titled, Terms of Service.

How does Encept bill for services?

We currently accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover. We do not accept PayPal for payment for our services, however if you have a PayPal debit/credit card, it is branded with Mastercard and we can accept it.

In terms of billing frequency, we prorate your first months service. If you signup before the 15th day of a month, you will be prorate for that time through the next billing cycle. If you signup on the 15th or after, you will be charged the prorated amount for the remaining portion of that month, plus the next billing cycle. All services rendered are due the 1st day of each month.

We have a four day grace period for our hosting services. On the fourth day, at close of business, for us, we will suspend your services if payment is not received.

Can I firewall my VPS?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to do so! If you’re new to linux or the BSD platform, get in contact with us and we can give you some assistance. Placing a firewall on your server using: PF, ipfw, iptables, chains, etc is an easy way to keep intruders out and your data more secure. Not to mention its very easy to configure.

How do you secure my data?

We utilize proprietary and third-party solutions to protect our customers data against attacks. Like any provider, we are susceptible to security vulnerabilities in software that we do not develop. However, we do take precautions and additional measures that many providers might not even think about. For instance, on our Virtual Private Servers, your virtual disk (partition) is encrypted, therefore adding a layer of protecting if the box was physically accessed by an intruder.

We cannot disclose all of our security measures, but know, we do take security seriously and have due diligence in provider a secure environment for our customers to operate.

Do you provide backups?

We do not automatically back up your data, but you are protected against a physical drive failure. All of our servers utilize battery-backed up hardware RAID 1+0 arrays across multiple drives on the host node(s). This is not a substitute for individual and proper backups.

Of course we do! The encept backup service is an available add-on service that provides managed and automated backups.

Do you provide remote VNC or Console access?

Yes, via the web accessible control panel. The Encept control panel gives you out of band management access via VNC / remote console.

This can be especially helpful if you find yourself locked out because of a borked iptables configuration or syntax errors in your network configuration.

Can I run an IRC server or bots on my VPS?

Yes, unofficially, we will allow you to operate an ircd server, wraith bot, eggdrop bot, screen’d irssi client, whatever you prefer. However, our policy is very simple. If your ircd or irc activities cause harm or decrease the overall health and welfare of our network for our customers, we will terminate your services.

If you know you want to run IRC services or bots, we have a network designed to withstand DDoS and filter attacks. Please connect with us, so that we can make sure we put you on this network.

Don’t worry, it isn’t crowded. It actually is one of our fastest networks and for a good reason. We need to be able to eat up all the packets the kids are sending out these days.

Do you host DNS?

Yes, we currently host reverse dns lookup zones for our virtual private server customers and both forward and reverse lookup zones for webhosting customers. Additionally, you may opt for an add-on during your signup for our DNS management.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have an accessible front-end for our customers to access and manage their forward lookup zones. Therefore, we do not advertise our DNS hosting services. If you would like us to host your domain name and its DNS, just let us know and we can make some arrangements. Only draw back, you have to contact us every time you need to add (A), CNAME, SRV, MX and TXT forward lookup records.

On a positive note, our dns hosting is more than reliable. We utilize a third-party for managing our DNS solution and the current uptime is greater than 99.99999% over the course of eight years.

What is your SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Server maintenance, upgrades, hardware failures, network outages and denial of service attacks effect us just like every other provider. We could lie to you and boast about our 99.998% uptime averages and all that jazz. We won’t.

We attempt to plan our outages and upgrades, giving customers plenty of notice to prepare. Additionally, we do not always know when something will fail or when a kid gets a hold of the latest DDoS suite and decides we are their next target. We can however, promise you that we will mitigate these outages, attacks and failures as quickly as possible.

Most of our customers are more than happy with our uptime. If we exceed any planned outages or maintenance windows; have to drop your subnet because of a DDoS attack; or trip and stumble while replacing a hard-drive, we will credit your account for that time.

Can I upgrade my VPS?

Absolutely! We currently don’t have a super fancy method in place for making this simple, but it is not a painful process. We will setup the new virtual private server with the upgraded resource allocations and then move your current operating system, configurations, data, and ip subnets to the new server.

If you’re not looking to do a complete upgrade, we do offer a variety of add-ons for your existing plan: additional ip addresses, more memory, a CIDR /96 of IPv6 addresses, etc.

Most of our add-ons are allocated and provisioned instantly, however some do require your server to reboot. We prorate the resources on your package, so you are only billed for how long you actually used them.

I’m a newb with Linux, where should I start?

If you are looking to become a self-educated linux administrator, then you need an environment, right? There is no better platform that the Encept VPS platform. You can experiment with various flavors of linux, reinstall them every time you mess up and be back up and running minutes. We have a community of users that are always willing to help out.

  • Connect with us on IRC
  • Visit our support forums
  • Check out the knowledgebase
  • Read our tutorials
  • .. and go go go!

What operating systems and distributions do you offer?
We currently offer a variety of *nix and BSD flavors. All distributions are i386 or their equivalent unless otherwise stated below:

  • Arch Linux 2010.05
  • CentOS 5.5
  • Debian 6.0
  • Fedora 14
  • Slackware 13.1
  • Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu Server 10.10
  • OpenSUSE 11.0
  • Gentoo 2010
  • FreeBSD 8.1

  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows XP Professional w/SP3
  • Windows 7 Enterprise

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